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    What Are Mint Sets?

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Mint sets are the complete, uncirculated set of coins released by the United States Mint in any given year. They typically contain one coin of each denomination made that year. This includes a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coin. However, some sets might be made up of different versions of the same denomination. For example, beginning in 2010, the U.S. Mint has been releasing five different quarters every year as a part of the America the Beautiful collection. If you have all five uncirculated quarters from a year in the collection, that is considered a mint set.

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    A Look at How to Identify Stamps

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Collecting stamps is a popular hobby worldwide that provides many different opportunities to get involved, depending on what interests you. You can find people who collect all kind of stamps, people that focus on a certain niche, or even stamp dealers that handle them professionally. These small artifacts provide a glimpse into exotic places or historic events, and serve as a fun catalyst to learn more about history. However, collectors might have trouble recognizing some of the stamps they come across. These tips will help you identify stamps you are thinking about buying. 

    Identifying the Country
    Great Britain was the first country to release postage stamps, and they are the only country that is not required to print its name on the actual stamp. However, that does not mean a collector will be able to identify the name of the country on the stamp, since it may not be written in English. Stamp identifiers are used to distinguish the country of origin. You could buy one from the American Philatelic Society, or find other ones online.

    Identifying More Specific Information
    Sometimes, serious stamp collectors will want to dive deeper into the origin of their stamps than just the country it was issued in. In this case, a catalog is the best bet. Collectors use catalogs to decipher more detailed information, such as date of issue, a description of the stamp, the value of it in mint condition, and more. If you are a serious stamp collector or thinking about getting into the hobby full-time, you can purchase all six volumes of The Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue, which is considered the standard among US stamp collectors.

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    How Are Coins Made?

    Last updated 22 days ago

    The U.S. Mint frequently issues new coins, such as the America the Beautiful series of quarters beginning in 2010. However, there is a long process that happens before these coins ever reach your hands or get lost in your couch.

    It begins by Congress voting on making a new coin, with the approval of the President. Once it is approved, an artist designs the image that will appear on the coin. Eventually, metal sheets are cut into blank coin shapes that get washed and dried. The blank coins then go through a coin press, which imprints the design on them. For more information on how coins and made, watch this video.

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    A Guide to Collecting Gold Coins and Gold Bullion

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Collecting valuable items like gold can be exciting, but it is critical to be informed before you make any significant purchases. It’s important to know what is authentic, and also how to maintain your collection. Consider the following when purchasing gold coins and bullion for your investment portfolio.  

    Where to Buy Gold
    Most cities have local shops you can visit that buy and sell gold. Additionally, there are a wide range of gold shows and conventions that happen all year round. These provide great opportunities to shop many dealers at once to compare offerings. Mail ordering gold through publications is also a popular choice.

    Research Thoroughly
    Extensive research can protect you from scams and fraudulent sellers. Consider asking the seller for the melt value if you are buying coins. This information is readily available, so you can check as well. When choosing a dealer to buy from, enter the dealer’s name in a search engine to find out more about its reputation with past customers. It is also important to obtain a certificate of authenticity from the seller.

    Storing and Maintaining Your Collection
    If you are handling gold without its case, hold it by its edges and keep a soft cloth beneath, in case it is dropped. It is not recommended to clean gold bullion or coins, since most cleaning materials can be corrosive. Waterproof, hard-plastic holders are the best options for coins. You can then store your gold coins and bullion in safety deposit boxes at banks, in a fireproof home safe, or in a third-party gold depository. Lastly, consider insuring your collection through a specialized agent.   

    Are you interested in buying or selling gold? If so, visit Coins of the Realm, the trusted gold dealer of Gaithersburg, MD. We consistently provide competitive pricing and professional service to make your experience great. Call us at (301) 637-4390, or visit us for more information. 

    Determining the Value of Your Paper Money

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The value of an old U.S. Treasury note or other form of paper currency depends on its age, condition, and prevalence. In general, older notes of scarce denominations that are in very good or extremely good condition are worth more than newer notes that have been widely circulated and are worse for wear.

    If you collect U.S. Treasury notes and are curious to find out how much they are worth today, there are charts on the internet that can help you find ballpark estimates. To find out what you can expect to be paid for your notes and to have other currencies appraised, you should visit a paper money and coin dealer.

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