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The Virtues of Stamp Collecting

Collecting stamps is a time-honored hobby shared by many different people from a variety of backgrounds. This hobby can fit so many diverse interests so well that practically anybody of any age can participate, and while you are discovering your interests in this hobby, you will find some interesting people, as well!

You’re sure to meet fellow rare stamp collectors in Rockville, MD, and everywhere around the world! Each person has their own stories to share about their stamps. Watch this video from the Smithsonian to meet just a few stamp enthusiasts and hear what they have to say about stamps and the collecting community.

At Coins of the Realm, we take pride in the rare and collectible stamps in our inventory. Whether you have a casual interest or are a serious collector, we have something for everyone. If you want to learn more, please call us at (301) 340-1640.

Tips for Identifying U.S. Coins

When looking to buy or sell coins in Rockville, MD, it is important to note the many features that people may look for in a valuable coin. Beyond the obvious identifying marks of a coin, such as its design and date, there are many other more subtle characteristics. Knowing what to look for when it comes to different kinds of coins can be the difference between having mere pocket change and a collector’s item.


It may seem obvious, but many people do not look at the size of the coin. There are many replica coins that are sold in infomercials and online that are not meant for circulation or to be spent as legal currency. These coins look nice, but they are not worth much. If the coin seems a bit big—bigger than a dollar coin—you are probably correct to identify it as a replica. At any rate, these are not genuine U.S. coins.

Mint Markings

A subtle but important feature of a lot of coins is the mint marking. For example, there is some number of 1982 Roosevelt dimes that were issued by the Philadelphia Mint without a “P” marking on them, increasing their value from 10 cents to up to $300 if uncirculated. These kinds of cases come up a lot, too, so understanding which years have errors from particular mints can be crucial to understanding the difference between a typical U.S. coin and a collectible U.S. coin.

Miscellaneous Printing Errors

While mint markings are subtle oddities that can increase the value of a coin, major printing errors can make some very collectible coins. While these may seem obvious once pointed out to you, many printing errors are so minute that you’d never notice them. Again, knowing what to look for is the most important part in identifying these coins.

If you still are not sure about your collectibles, why not take them into our experts at Coins of the Realm? If you need coins, autographs, or stamps identified, call us at (301) 340-1640.

Spotlight on Proof Sets

If you are an avid coin collector, proof sets are a must-have for any collection. In fact, there are some coins that you can only get through special proof sets! Proof sets can also be a good way to start collecting rare coins in Rockville, MD. But what exactly is a proof set, and why should you care?

Proof sets are important for two main reasons: First, they are usually stored in a special case to ensure that the coins do not incur any unnecessary wear and tear. Second, the process of creating the proof coin itself is usually different from the creation of a circulated coin. A proof coin is produced with two presses to give the coin additional detail, and it’s treated with acid to give it a nice shine, called a cameo finish. This makes for a coin that you literally cannot get anywhere else!

At Coins of the Realm, we have a large selection of collectible proof sets and other coins. If you are interested in starting a coin collection or simply adding to it, look at our offerings online or call our coin experts at (301) 340-1640.

Top Reasons to Start a Stamp Collection

Why should you think about seeking out collectible stamps in Rockville, MD? Starting a stamp collection may seem complicated at first, but it is actually one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have. You don’t have to create a high-value collection to have fun, either. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider stamp collecting:

Variety of Stamps

The number one reason to start a stamp collection is that you can collect stamps of almost anything. From stamps about outer space to those depicting important historical events, flowers, paintings, and more, stamps have pictures of almost anything that anyone could be interested in. There are many series of stamps that illustrate myriad interests. This makes stamp collecting accessible to nearly everybody.

Low Barrier to Entry

Some collectibles can be very expensive, but stamp collecting surely is not one of them. Even the tools, some of which are optional, are cheap. Most stamps are worth around or only a little more than face value, which is extremely affordable—especially relative to many other possible hobbies. A stamp collection is also not something that needs a lot of investment to be maintained properly. As long as you are responsible with storing your stamps, there is very little risk of losing any investments.

Rewarding Hobby

While collecting stamps may not look like much at first blush, this hobby can be very rewarding. Finding all of the stamps for your collection can be a fun challenge. Completing a set of something meaningful, especially after tracking down the last piece, simply feels good! It is as if you just finished one of the most difficult puzzles you have ever seen, and what’s more, it is a puzzle you alone created and probably only you completed.

At Coins of the Realm, we can help kick-start your stamp collecting with rare and collectible stamps and offer advice about how to care for your collection. If you wish to start a coin collection while you’re at it, please call us at (301) 340-1640 or visit us online to read about all our services.

A Look at Some Common Coins with High Value

When you are searching for collectable coins in Rockville, MD, there may be some treasures hidden in your very own pockets. Certain common coins are more valuable due to their provenance or history. By including both rare and common coins in your collection, you will have a coin collection that spans many different eras and interests. To help you locate some great coins for your collection, here is a look at some common coins with high values.

2004 Wisconsin State Quarter

The 2004 Wisconsin state quarter was issued as a part of the 50 States Quarters series. While each of the quarters in this series has its own special value, there are a few 2004 Wisconsin quarters that are highly sought after by collectors. Due to a printing error, some of the Wisconsin quarters were made with an extra corn leaf on the state design side of the quarter, causing these coins to be valued at up to $300.

1995 Double Die Penny

It is a good idea to think twice before you toss your pennies in the penny jar. In 1995, the U.S. Mint accidentally double printed a run of pennies. Due to this printing mistake, these pennies feature blurry printing on their obverse sides. A double printed penny from 1995 could fetch up to $50.

1943 Steel Penny

The 1943 steel penny is an important historical reminder of World War II. During this year of the war, pennies were printed on steel to conserve military resources. A steel penny from this era could fetch up to $10.

When you are working on your coin collection in Rockville, be sure to pay a visit to Coins of the Realm. We offer a terrific inventory of collectible coins, and we can also assist you with your coin identification and preservation needs. To learn more about our coin and jewelry services, call us at (301) 340-1640.

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