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Take a Look at the Famed Pogue Collection

The Pogue Collection is by all accounts the most valuable rare coin collection ever sold at auction, and is one of the single greatest coin collections ever assembled. Comprised entirely of early American colonial coins, the Pogue Collection is valued at over $200 million. Not bad for a collection that has a combined face value just shy of $1,000. Watch this video to learn more about this breathtaking collection.

There’s real money to be made by collecting coins, and Coins of the Realm in Rockville, MD can help you get started. We are one of the leading coin dealers in Maryland, and are coin collecting specialists are highly experienced. To get started on your coin collection, visit our coin shop or call us at (301) 340-1640 to learn about the rare and collectible coins we have for sale. We also buy coins, so visit us if you have coins you’d like to sell or if you’d like to have your collection appraised by one of our coin experts.

Answering Questions about Collecting Paper Money

Paper money collecting is a great hobby for anyone interested in the history of U.S. and worldwide currency, or anyone interested in picking up a hobby that can lead to significant financial returns. Like any hobby, collecting paper money takes time to get good at, but there are some important things you should know upfront to help get your collection efforts off on the right foot. Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have before starting a paper money collection in Rockville, MD.

Q: What are collectible bills worth?
Collectible paper money can range in value depending on lots of different factors, so it’s hard to say exactly how much certain bills are worth. Collectible bills can fetch hundreds of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction depending on age, condition, historical significance, etc.

Q: What are the best bills for a new paper money collector?
With so many different bills to choose from, it’s almost impossible to say which specific currency notes are best for a beginning paper money collector. There also isn’t a rule when it comes to buying your first collectable bill, so you’re free to choose any note that captures your interest and fits in your budget.

Q: Where can I purchase paper money?
There are lots of different sources where you can purchase paper money for your collection. You can buy collectable bills online and at auctions, but it’s preferable to purchase paper money in-person from a reputable dealer. There are a lot of people out there passing off fake bills as the real thing, which is why buying from a dealer is often the safest and smartest route.

If you’re interested in collecting paper money, visit Coins of the Realm. We are Rockville’s premier paper money dealer, and our experts can also help you appraise the value of paper money you might be thinking about purchasing from another collector or online dealer. For additional information about buying or selling paper money, give us a call at (301) 340-1640.

What Beginners Need to Know About Building a Stamp Collection

Collecting stamps can be a wonderfully fulfilling hobby, especially if you’re looking for a hobby that has the potential to be very lucrative. Although most people collect stamps to feed an aesthetic or historical interest in stamps, others seek out rare stamps in the hope of building a collection that can generate serious cash in the future. Either way, the first for anyone interested in starting a stamp collection is learning the basics of building a worthy collection. Here are some stamp collection tips from the leading stamp and coin experts in Rockville, MD.

Get the Right Tools

If you’re serious about stamp collecting, you’ll want to invest in the right tools of the trade. For starters, you’ll want to invest in a quality pair of gloves and special tweezers so you can safely handle your stamps without damaging them. You should also invest in a good magnifying glass so you can examine the fine details and qualities of the stamps you add to your collection.

Buy Your First Stamps

When you’re ready to start building your stamp collection, you’ll of course need to buy your first stamps. Your budget and personal interests will determine where you shop for stamps and the type of stamps you buy. If you have never bought stamps before, we recommend you buy stamps in person so you can have an informative in-person discussion with a stamp expert to ensure you purchase the best stamps that meet your goals and interests.

Store Stamps Properly

As important as it is that you buy high quality stamps from a reputable dealer, it’s even more important that you store them properly after taking possession of them. Stockbooks are the most popular type of display album used by stamp collectors, although you may want a more protective option if you are buying and selling very rare or very valuable stamps.

Coins of the Realm makes it easy to start this popular hobby. We have one of the largest selections of U.S. and worldwide stamps in Rockville and the surrounding areas. We also provide expert stamp appraisals so you can know exactly how much your collectables are worth. For additional information, call us at (301) 340-1640.

A Look at the 2016 Australian Bullion Coin Program

Gold coin collectors around the world were thrilled with the unveiling of the 2016 Australian Bullion Coin Program from the Perth Mint earlier this year. The bullion coins in this collection offer investors and collectors a beautiful selection of gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins that proudly display some of the most iconic Australian animals, including the kangaroo, kookaburra, and platypus. Watch this video to see the unveiling of the soon-to-be released 2016 Australian Bullion Coin Program.

If you’re looking to expand (or start) your coin collection, come to Coins of the Realm in Rockville, MD. We have provided the best selection of U.S. and worldwide coins in Maryland since 1974. Visit us during our normal business hours to browse our huge selection of gold and silver coins or to speak with our knowledgeable coin specialists. You can also call us at (301) 340-1640 if you have any questions about the 2016 Australian Bullion Coin Program or gold bullion coins in general.

Finding the Value of Autographed Items

There have been some very important figures in history whose very signature alone is enough to generate thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction or in the private market. If you have a document signed by a famous artist or musician, influential political figure, world-renowned athlete, or any other significant figure, you’ll want to figure out how much the autograph is worth. You can browse online auction sites to get an idea of the range, but you’ll also need to know the history and significance surrounding the document itself and the circumstances surrounding the autograph.

The easiest way to determine the value of a rare autographed document is to bring it to Coins of the Realm. Our autograph specialist has decades of experience buying and selling important autographs, and he can provide a fast and accurate appraisal of your autographed document. To learn more about our autograph appraisal services in Rockville, MD, contact us online or call us at (301) 340-1640.

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