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A Look at an Amazing Coin Collection

Collectors of rare coins understand mint condition coins can be worth more than just their original monetary value. The Pogue Coin Collection is predicted to be the most valuable collection of all time. Containing mint-condition American coins dating from 1792 to the 1840s, it is the largest and highest quality coin collection in the world.

Watch this video to learn about the history of the exquisite, rare coins that make up the Pogue Collection. Experts speak to the stories of individual coins within the collection and highlight their important roles in the history of the American economic system.

To enhance your rare coin collection, contact Coins of the Realm, Inc. at (301) 340-1640. We specialize in buying and selling rare coins, precious metals, stamps, paper money, autographs, and fine jewelry in Rockville, MD. We look forward to hearing from you.

Caring For Your Jewelry Collection

Whether your prized possessions are collectable coins or precious pieces of jewelry, it is important to know how to care for them correctly. Keeping your jewelry collection in pristine condition will not only allow it to keep its monetary value, but will also preserve the beauty of your collection. If you are looking to buy or sell jewelry near Rockville, MD, keep in mind that chemicals in everyday products can cause jewelry to lose value and luster. To learn about what can damage your jewelry in your everyday life and how to properly care for your prized collection, read on.

Everyday Causes of Jewelry Damage

From the heat of the blow dryer to the daily use of cosmetics, everyday activities can lead to depreciation of your jewelry collection. Heat, even from overexposure to the sun’s rays, can cause some precious gemstones to change in color, affect their durability, and, in some cases, cause fractures. Heat is not the only cause of jewelry damage—the use of chemicals can damage precious metals and gemstones as well. Hairsprays, lotions, and household cleaners can all contribute to jewelry losing its sparkle and valuation.

Steps to Care for Your Jewelry

Washing gemstones in warm water with a dash of soap and a soft brush can help to prolong the lifespan of your collection. Simply taking off jewelry prior to using household chemicals, applying cosmetics, or swimming in pools that contain chlorine can help to keep your jewelry in ideal condition. Lastly, properly care for your collection by storing it properly. Some gems, such as opals and pearls, require special dry storage to keep them durable and shining brightly.

If you are looking to expand your jewelry collection, Coins of the Realm, Inc. has been in the business of helping customers buy and sell jewelry near Rockville, MD for the last 30 years. Our staff is knowledgeable about gemstones, including diamonds, as well as precious metals. Contact us today at (301) 340-1640 to speak to our staff about enhancing your jewelry collection.

How Coins Are Made

People often collect rare coins without giving much thought to how they are created. However, the coin creation process can be incredibly fascinating. This year alone, America’s two mints will produce 28 billion coins.

All coins start out as blanks that are punched through coiled strips of metal. Once this stage is completed, the blanks are sent off to an annealing furnace, where they are softened. Only the good blanks are sent to an upsetting mill, where the edges of each coin are raised. During the striking phase, coins are stamped to show chosen designs. In order to make sure each coin is perfect, it is inspected and counted before it heads to your local bank.

Coins of the Realm, Inc. has been helping customers enhance their rare coin collections for over 30 years. Call our experienced staff at (301) 340-1640 if you are ready to purchase or sell collectible coins in Rockville, MD at competitive rates.

Amazing Facts about Diamonds

Prior to reaching a jewelry display case, it takes diamonds billions of years to transform from carbon into precious stones. Whether people are looking to buy or sell this precious gem, it can hold sentimental and monetary value for all who possess it. If you are getting ready to go shopping for a diamond, be sure to read on to learn a bit more about these amazing stones.

Diamond Formation

Billions of years ago, diamonds began forming several miles below the Earth’s surface as temperatures exceeding 2,000 °F combined with immense pressure to transform carbon into crystals. These crystals were then brought to the Earth’s surface at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour by volcanic eruptions. Today, diamonds are mined in the cooled parts of volcanic matter, called Kimberlites. Due to how diamonds are formed, they are not only naturally fireproof, but are also the hardest known natural material on Earth.

Diamonds throughout History

As with gold coins, diamonds have long been a coveted possession. Although diamonds are now purchased in America more than anywhere else on Earth, India was the first country to recognize their beauty—they were initially collected in rivers and streams there. Eventually, India’s diamond trade reached the nobility of Western Europe, where diamonds became the symbol of status that they still are today. The French Blue, a large diamond that was featured in the French Crown, later broke off into one of today’s most famous diamonds—The Hope Diamond. Today, diamonds are still just as treasured as they have been throughout history. In April of 2015, a 100-carat diamond sold at auction for $22 million.

If you are looking to buy or sell your precious jewelry or diamonds near Rockville, MD, contact Coins of the Realm, Inc. For over 30 years, we have been committed to creating a safe and reliable atmosphere for our customers to purchase or sell their unique treasures. Call us today at (301) 340-1640 to discover how we can help you.

Getting to Know Some Rare Stamps

Stamp collecting is a popular hobby, and many people enjoy it because it can be a calm, meditative activity. However, it can also prove exciting and challenging when you’re in search of a unique or rare stamp. Some rare stamps are worth millions of dollars, so collecting stamps in Rockville, MD can be a lucrative and exciting hobby.

Watch this video to learn a few very interesting stories behind some of the world’s rare stamps. You will gain some insight into why this hobby proves to be rewarding for so many.

If you have a collection of rare stamps in Rockville, MD that you would like appraised, stop in at Coins of the Realm. We buy and sell collectibles such as stamps, coins, paper money, and autographs, as well as precious metals, diamonds, and jewelry. Call us today at (301) 340-1640 if you want to buy or sell stamps at a fair price.

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