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Tips for Insuring Your Rare Collectibles

Lots of people have stuff they consider treasures, but not many have collectibles that are actually worth a great sum of money. Collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the age, condition, rarity, and history of the items you have in your collection, you might be sitting on a small fortune. Sadly, most homeowner’s insurance plans offer little to no coverage for collectibles, which is why collectors are encouraged to purchase specialized insurance policies to cover their collectible coins, stamps, or anything else worth value. Here are two tips to get you started if you are thinking about insuring your collection.

Know the Value of Your Collection

The first step is to know how much your collection is worth. Not all collectibles appreciate in value, so the collectible stamps or coins you have might not be worth as much as you think and therefore not worth the cost to insure. Knowing the value of your collection will also help you if and when the time comes to sell, since you’ll know what’s reasonable for your lot.

Get Multiple Insurance Quotes

Buying collectibles insurance is no different than buying any other type of insurance. Different insurance providers will charge different rates for different levels of coverage. To make sure you purchase the right policy, shop around and get multiple quotes from collectibles insurance providers. Your local coin seller or collectible stamp retailer may be able to offer recommendations on collectible insurance providers.

Coins of the Realm offers the most trusted collectibles appraisals in Rockville, MD. Our experts can appraise rare coins, collectible stamps, historic paper money, and other items that you might wish to insure. We also sell a wide range of collectibles so you can add to your collection, and if you’re looking to turn a profit on your collection we also buy coins, stamps, bullion, and other items. To learn more about our appraisal services, including free verbal appraisals and formal appraisals, contact us online or call us at (301) 340-1640.

See the Discovery of a $1.6 Million Coin

Most people who are involved in coin collecting and coin identification are very excited when they come across a rare coin. In fact, they might spend years looking through collectible coins looking for one specific rare coin for their coin set.

Watch this video to see the amazing discovery of a 17th century coin that might be worth $1.6 million. An amateur treasure hunter dug up this incredibly rare coin in a field in England.

If you’re in need of a rare coin appraisal or coin identification near Rockville, MD, come see us at Coins of the Realm. Our coin specialists can identify rare coins and collectible coins, as well as collectible stamps and other precious metals. To learn more about our coin collecting services, call us today at (301) 340-1640.

Where to Start When It Comes to Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is both a fun hobby and a valuable investment in your future. Collectible stamps and rare stamps are often worth quite a bit of money if you can find the right buyer. Here is a simple guide to where to start when it comes to stamp collecting.

Tools You Will Need

There are no tools that are absolutely required for stamp collecting, but there are some that will make working with stamps easier. You can use stamp tongs to protect your stamps from the dirt and oil on your fingers. You can use a magnifying glass to identify tiny details in stamps. A perforation gauge is useful for measuring stamp perforations. Watermark fluid and a tray can help you identify security patterns in the stamp paper. You will also want albums, hinges, and mounts for storing and protecting your rare stamps.

Determining Which Stamps to Collect

When you first begin collecting stamps, it helps to have a general focus so that you won’t feel overwhelmed searching for new stamps for your collection. You can focus on rare stamps, worldwide stamps, or stamps that feature a particular design, such as birds, dogs, famous people in history, etc. Some people choose to only collect rare stamps from one particular country. You should choose a focus that is interesting and exciting to you, as that will fuel your passion for stamp collecting.

Where to Get Collectible Stamps

Where you get your stamps depends upon what types of stamps you are collecting. You can get stamps from your mail, the local post office, rare stamp dealers, local stamp clubs, and rare stamp shows. If you are just collecting stamps as a hobby, the mail and your local post office are the least expensive sources for stamps.

At Coins of the Realm, we sell United States and worldwide collectible stamps in Rockville, MD. We also sell mint sheets, plate blocks, singles, and first day and commercial covers. To speak with one of our rare stamp specialists, call us today at (301) 340-1640.

A Look at Silver Dollar Designs from Throughout American History

If you’re interested in coin collecting, you probably enjoy hearing about the history of rare coins and collectible coins. The first silver dollar coins were struck in the United States in 1794, using the flowing hair design. Here is a look at some of the most well-known silver dollar designs throughout American history.

Flowing Hair Type

The flowing hair design was the first design used on the first silver dollars that were minted in 1794. This design was created by Robert Scot, and was only used until 1795, when it was replaced with the draped bust design. There are only approximately 150-200 silver dollars remaining in the flowing hair design, so it is one of the most rare coins available.

Seated Liberty Type

The United States Mint’s chief engraver, Christian Gobrecht, designed the seated liberty silver dollar. It was minted from 1840-1873, and was the last silver dollar to be struck before the Coinage Act of 1873, which temporarily ended the production of silver dollars for American currency. The seated liberty coin was the first to include the phrase “In God We Trust,” which was added in 1866.

Eisenhower Silver Dollar

The Eisenhower silver dollar was minted between 1971 and 1978. The coin was designed by Frank Gasparo, and depicts President Dwight D. Eisenhower. There are no Eisenhower silver dollars that are dated 1975; instead, the coins that were minted in that year and in 1976 both bear the dates 1776-1976. These coins have a special image on the reverse in honor of the bicentennial of American independence. Because this design had a short run and was modestly priced, sets are becoming more and more popular among coin collectors.

If you’re interested in learning more about collectible coins in Rockville, MD , come see us at Coins of the Realm. We sell collectible coins, rare stamps, and precious metals, and are also members of a national computer network that provides live coverage of the coin and precious metal industry. To learn more about our services, call us today at (301) 340-1640.

Defining Characteristics of Confederate Stamps

On February 21, 1861, a Confederate post office system was instituted in the Southern United States. By June 1, the Confederate postal system would take over the collection and delivery of mail, as well as the task of providing postage stamps to its customers. Confederate stamps were different from Union stamps, which were high-quality prints that were created with engraved plates.

Confederate stamps were lithographed, and many of them were printed in more than one color, by more than one printer. The first postage stamp was issued by the Confederate States of America on October 16, 1861, and it was a green, 5-cent stamp featuring the image of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy. The Confederate stamps were produced by various lithographers and engravers throughout the Civil War, and they vary greatly in color, detail, and clarity.

If you’re interested in collecting Confederate stamps in Rockville, MD, come see us at Coins of the Realm. We specialize in rare stamps, collectible stamps, and Confederate stamps, and we offer free verbal stamp appraisals. To learn more about our services, call us today at (301) 340-1640.

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