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    Determining the Value of Your Paper Money

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The value of an old U.S. Treasury note or other form of paper currency depends on its age, condition, and prevalence. In general, older notes of scarce denominations that are in very good or extremely good condition are worth more than newer notes that have been widely circulated and are worse for wear.

    If you collect U.S. Treasury notes and are curious to find out how much they are worth today, there are charts on the internet that can help you find ballpark estimates. To find out what you can expect to be paid for your notes and to have other currencies appraised, you should visit a paper money and coin dealer.

    Based in Rockville, Coins of the Realm appraises, buys, and sells rare U.S. treasury notes. If you live in the Gaithersburg area and are considering buying or selling paper money, call (301) 637-4390 or visit us at your convenience.

    Looking Back at Famous U.S. Coins

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Fame has come in all shapes and sizes in the United States, from celebrities to toys and beyond. The coin world has been no exception, with some rare and unique coins garnering huge followings and an almost celebrity-like fame. Read on if you are interested in looking back at some of the most famous United States coins. 

    1792 Copper Cent
    Almost every penny that you may come across is simply worth one cent. If you come across a 1792 copper cent, however, you may become a millionaire. In 2012, one of these centuries-old pennies was sold for $1.15 million. That’s because the 1792 copper cent features a small silver plug in its center. The penny that sold for over one million dollars was in mint condition and rated at 61 out of a possible 70.

    1804 Silver Dollar
    Despite being called 1804 silver dollars, these coins were created in the 1830s. They are famous for being sent to other countries by President Andrew Jackson as gifts. The best preserved 1804 silver dollar was rated a 68 out of 70 and sold for $4.14 million. A 62-proof 1804 silver dollar was also sold for just under $3.8 million dollars as well.

    1794 Flowing Hair Dollar
    Although the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar was originally worth $1, one was sold in California for an amazing $7.85 million. Its condition was rated 66 out of 70, which classified it as mint. The Flowing Hair dollar is believed to be the first silver dollar created in the United States. If not the most famous coin in the history of America, it has proven to be the most valuable.

    If you would like to know more about the famous coins that the United States has come across, visit the coin experts at Coins of the Realm. We buy, sell, and appraise coins in the Gaithersburg area. For more information about our coin appraisal services, feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (301) 637-4390. If you live in the area, stop by today and learn how we can help you put together a valuable coil collection. 

    Famous Stamp Collectors Over the Years

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Suitable for all ages and capable of being practiced anytime and anywhere, stamp collecting is a hobby that enjoys wide popularity. Given the extent of its appeal, it should come as no surprise that plenty of powerful nobles and other prominent members of society have passionately pursued stamp collecting over time. Famous stamp collectors from past and present include:

    Amelia Earhart
    Especially fascinated by foreign stamps, aviation legend Amelia Earhart took delight in collecting mail and stamps. Earhart is one of several famous stamp collectors to also be the subject of special edition collectors’ stamps.

    John Lennon
    When John Lennon was young, a stamp collecting cousin gifted him a stamp album. It was one of the young Beatles singer’s most prized possessions, and spurred a fascination in stamps and stamp collecting that would last for several years.

    Queen Elizabeth II
    The long-reigning British monarch has one of the most prolific stamp collections in existence. Generous as she is, the queen has lent stamps from her own personal collection to institutions such as the National Postal Museum for exhibition.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    FDR developed an interest in stamps at a young age. He collected stamps and tended to his stamp collection throughout his entire life, and was photographed many times working on it while president. Often credited with inciting widespread interest in stamp collecting, the publication of FDR’s hobby did coincide with a rise in the number of stamp clubs and stamp club activity throughout the country.

    Money, power, and connections may make access to valuable stamps easier, but stamp collecting is a hobby in which anyone with a bit of spare time and cash can indulge. If you live in the Gaithersburg/Washington, D.C. area and are looking to start a stamp collection of your own, check out the inventory at Coins of the Realm in Rockville. To speak with a knowledgeable dealer about our stamps, coins, autographs, and other collector’s items, call (301) 637-4390.

    Couple Discovers Rare Gold Coin Collection

    Last updated 1 month ago

    “Buried treasure” is a term that almost everyone is familiar with, but many people who assume that most of the world’s hidden riches have already been dug up do not keep an eye out for it. But watch this ABC World News clip for proof that highly valuable buried treasure is still out there, waiting to be uncovered.

    The subject of the clip is a collection of rusty cans found by a couple who were walking their dog in Northern California a few years ago. Contained within the cans were 1,427 rare coins in mint condition. Experts raved about these coins being some of the finest they have ever encountered, and that the collection could be worth millions of dollars.

    Statistics suggest that few of us will stumble upon such highly valued buried treasure in our lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking. If you have gold coins or other precious metal that you would like to have appraised and sell for cash, Coins of the Realm can help. To speak with an experienced and highly regarded coin dealer in the Gaithersburg area, call Coins of the Realm at (301) 637-4390.

    Understanding Gold's History as a Currency

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When someone sees a gold coin or a piece of fine jewelry, a common reaction is to think about how much it’s worth. The fact that gold has been considered valuable since the dawn of civilization may not come as a surprise to any of our readers, but the precious metal’s history as a formal currency may. That’s why we’re happy to provide this brief introduction to gold’s use as a unit of monetary exchange over time. 

    Gold Coins and Antiquity
    Archaeological findings suggest that gold may have been used in commerce as long as 5,000 years ago, but the oldest gold coins uncovered have been dated to 550 B.C. It is generally believed that the minting of the coins was commissioned by Croesus, King of Lydia. Gold coins from throughout Central Asia and as far east as China dated to the centuries following have also been uncovered.

    The Gold Standard
    Fast-forward 2,000 years and gold was still the standard by which nearly all currencies were measured. By the 1870s, most countries operated on what we refer to as the “gold standard.” Gold coins were an acceptable form of currency in most countries, and differences in the balance of payments among countries were settled in gold.

    Bretton Woods
    The gold standard eventually ran into some problems. In hindsight, we can recognize that this was probably due to a lack of clarity and regulation to the rules that regulated the standard. Understanding that something needed to be done to strengthen the international financial system, a conference was held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. It was there that the U.S. dollar was fixed to gold and all other currencies fixed to the dollar, creating a “dollar standard.”

    If history has taught us anything, it’s that gold will always be valuable. While gold’s worth ebbs and flows over time, gold has retained its status as a store of monetary value for millennia. If you live in the Gaithersburg area and are looking to buy or sell gold coins, jewelry, or gold in any other form, visit Coins of the Realm. To speak with a reputable gold dealer about the services we provide, call (301) 637-4390.

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