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    What are the Rarest Coins in the World?

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    If you’re hoping to strike it rich someday, put down the lottery tickets and start rummaging through your purse or piggy bank. That’s because some loose change can be worth millions of dollars. Many people don’t know just how valuable rare coins can be, which is why they are oftentimes found in trash dumps, vending machines, parking meters, and anywhere else spare change is discarded. So, how much could your rare coins be worth? Let’s just say if you have any of the following ultra rare coins, you’re set for life. 

    1849 Double Eagle
    Considered by many to be the rarest and most valuable coin ever minted in the United States, the 1849 Double Eagle was released during the start of the California gold rush by the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, PA. The value of the coin is estimated to be at $20 million.

    1877 Half Union
    The 1877 Half Union is a gold pattern coin originally released in denominations of $50. A few years ago, the value of these coins was estimated at $10 million. It has since gone up by 50 percent, and will continue to go up with each passing year.

    1794 Silver Dollar
    Believed to be the first silver dollar coin struck by the U.S. Mint, the 1794 Silver Dollar, or more lovingly known as the Flowing Hair dollar, is extremely rare and considered to be a veritable national treasure.

    1913 Liberty Head
    The story goes that when the 1913 Liberty Head (a 5-cent coin) was released, it was done without the authorization and approval of the U.S. Mint. In 1996, this coin became the first coin specimen to sell for more than one million dollars. Today, the 1913 Liberty Head is said to be worth around $4.5 million.

    How much are your old coins worth? Bring them to Coins of the Realm to find out! We are your go-to source in Gaithersburg for accurate coin, stamp, and jewelry grading. Visit our coin store today, or call us at (301) 637-4390 to learn more about our grading services. 

    Where to Look for Hidden Treasures

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Do you have a hobby of collecting items such as postage stamps, baseball cards, jewelry, or autographed memorabilia? If so, you probably know that Gaithersburg and surrounding areas are full of opportunities and places to find hidden treasures. There are myriad estate sales filled with rare items that trained eyes can spot. Spend a Sunday morning browsing the neighborhood yard sales and you will likely find sports memorabilia, jewelry, or stamps that catch your attention. In your own home, check your attic and basement for hidden treasures inherited from family. You may be surprised to find historic autographs, stamp collections, or even precious metals.

    At Coins of the Realm near Gaithersburg, we offer a range of gold coins, stamps, jewelry, and other collectibles. In business since 1974 and under original ownership, we have a large collection of products that will surely spark your interest. Head to our website to see our selection and to learn about our appraisal services, or call us at (301) 637-4390 for more information.

    What Are Your Baseball Cards Worth?

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Did you know that a mint-condition baseball card made before 1970 could be worth hundreds of dollars? Depending on the condition of your baseball cards, you may be able to make a great deal of money selling part or all of your collection. Read below to get a sense of what your baseball cards are worth.

    Player Pictured
    In general, Hall of Fame players are more sought after and can command a higher price. But it’s not unheard of for a baseball card with a lesser-known player to be worth thousands of dollars, if it is rare. Many baseball card collectors who are aiming to complete their set or find all of the cards in a certain edition or year will pay handsomely for a forgotten player.

    Baseball cards made before 1970 are usually very hard to find. Also known as vintage cards, these baseball cards are almost always more valuable than cards made more recently. This is because baseball card production increased notably after 1970, and cards made after that year are much easier to find. To become well versed in the up-to-the-minute rarity of your baseball cards, browse auction sites online, such as eBay, Lelands, and Heritage Auction Galleries. For the best estimate, however, go to a local hobby store to have your baseball cards appraised by a specialist.

    Most of the value estimates you will find online are based off of mint-condition baseball cards. A crease or small tear, however, can cut the value of a rare baseball card significantly. For an indication of the condition of your baseball cards, have them professionally graded at your local hobby store.

    For a professional appraisal service for your baseball cards, jewelry, coins, and other collectibles, come to Coins of the Realm near Gaithersburg. If you’re hoping to add to your collection, we also sell a number of rare items. Call us at (301) 637-4390 or visit us online to learn more about what we have to offer.

    Tiny Face Value Brings in the Big Bucks

    Last updated 23 days ago

    It’s astounding that a coin with a face value of only a few cents can sell for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. Recently, a coin named the “flowing-hair silver dollar” sold for a record $10 million at an auction. Minted in 1794, it’s dubbed one of the rarest coins in the world. Given its perfect condition, it is believed to be the first silver dollar made in the United States. Watch this video clip to find out more about how coins can bring in big bucks if they are rare enough.

    Do you have coins that might be worth a lot? To determine the value of your coins, or to invest in gold coins and other rare collectibles, come to Coins of the Realm near Gaithersburg. We appraise and sell a wide range of items. Call us at (301) 637-4390 or visit our website for more information.

    Determining the Value of Rare Stamps

    Last updated 1 month ago

    A number of factors that determine the value of a stamp can be discovered simply by taking a closer look at it. But it’s also easy to overlook small details that can have a huge impact on the value of a rare stamp. For more information about how you can find out how much your mint stamp is worth, read on.

    Inspect the Stamp
    Mint-condition stamps made in the last 70 years are usually worth less than face value, which is why people will often buy them and use them to send a package. Moreover, used stamps made during the last 70 years are worth almost nothing. If you have a stamp that is more than 70 years old, look closely for faults. Any thins, tears, or creases will drastically reduce the value of a rare stamp, sometimes by up to 90 percent.

    Consider the Type of Collection
    If a stamp has already been applied to an envelope or if it has been sitting in a shoebox with other stamps, it is likely to be worth less than if it were unused and properly sealed. Stamp albums, if they are sparsely filled, are usually worth very little. The same is true of stamp albums for children and beginning stamp collectors. In many cases, stamp collectors will sell albums full of mint-condition postage stamps with the original gum for less than their face value.

    Compare to Similar Stamps
    Go online and search for the type of stamp you have to get an idea of its value. Check eBay’s completed listings to see what a similar stamp—one in the same condition and with comparable centering—was sold for. Another good resource is the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog, which is considered an industry standard for stamp pricing.

    Coins of the Realm is an authorized stamp dealer that has been proudly doing business since 1974. Serving the Gaithersburg area, we sell and appraise a wide range of stamps. Visit our website to learn more about what we offer, and call us at (301) 637-4390 if you have any questions.

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